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10 years of The Moor Market

Outside of The Moor Market in Sheffield
The Moor Market

On Saturday 25th November 2023, Sheffield’s The Moor Market will celebrate its tenth birthday.

With more than 90 independent businesses, and over 55,000 visitors per week, the Market has become a vital resource for the city and residents over the past decade.

Offering everything from locally sourced produce, including quality fruit and veg, meat, fish and eggs, to international flavours from the Caribbean all the way to Korea.

The food hall is home to traditional fish and chip stalls, Hungry Buddha’s curries and everything in between – catering for all tastes and appetites.

Traders are also offering customers the latest in hairstyles, handy crafts, clothes and shoes, as well as one of the best craft beer sections in the area.

Visitors can get their nails done, visit the haberdashery, pick up some perfume, jewellery or browse for textiles, plus much more.

The Market has also become a community hub, and it is home to sexual health, stop smoking, Carver Street community nurses, a warm space and the only changing place in the city centre. 

It offers a safe space, where vulnerable people can come to get support and help when they are out and about in Sheffield.

Cllr Joe Otten, Chair of the Waste and Street Scene Policy Committee, said: “The Moor Market is more than just a market.

“It offers a place for local people to shop for quality products at reasonable prices, something that in the current climate, everyone is looking for. It is also a safe place in the city centre that can be used by the community, whether that is warm space or a place to find support for a range of health matters.

“I am really pleased to see The Market reach this 10-year milestone, and not only to look back at the success of the past decade, but forward to the years to come and benefits that this establishment will continue to bring to the people of Sheffield.”

The Market was opened in 2013 on the corner of The Moor and Earl Street. It replaced the Castle Market, which closed in the same year.

Sean Clarke, one of the Co-Owners of Beer Central at The Moor Market, said: “We were a brand-new company when the market opened on the 25th of November 2013, so to have a nice successful business for the last 10 years here in The Moor Market has been really satisfying for us.

“There are traders in here that have come from the Castle Market a number of years ago, so they bring history to The Moor Market, and then you’ve got traders like us, breathing new life and new products into the city centre as well.”

Andrew Hudson, Manager of Waterall Brothers Ltd Quality Pork Butchers, said: “The Market brings good diversity, different kinds of food, a good atmosphere to shop in, the café area is a place for people to meet.

“I’ve worked here for 26 years – 10 years here but 26 years all together for this company – and I see a lot of regular customers coming on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.”

On Friday 24th November, stall holders and local people will gather at The Moor to celebrate this milestone birthday with cake and children’s entertainment.