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Active Neighbourhoods taking shape in Crookes and Nether Edge

Planters closing road

Communities in Crookes and Nether Edge are starting to see changes on their streets, as Active Neighbourhoods are created to make improvements that benefit the people who live and work there.

The schemes, which will be trialled for six months, will see cars diverted to main traffic routes and some roads closed to stop side streets being used as ‘rat runs’ during peak times.

As well as reducing traffic, Active Neighbourhoods encourage people to make shorter journeys by walking and cycling to improve air quality and promote healthier lifestyles.

Following feedback from local residents, new pelican crossings will be trialled in the Active Neighbourhoods to help people feel safer walking around the area.  Residents and businesses will also be asked if the reduction in traffic makes them feel safer when cycling.

A consultation on the plans was held last year, with more than half of people responding positively about proposals for Active Neighbourhoods in Nether Edge and Crookes. The second phase of consultation now taking place will try out the changes and give people the opportunity to feedback any comments and concerns.

Cllr Julie Grocutt, Chair of the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Committee at Sheffield City Council, said:

“Last year we asked residents in Crookes and Nether Edge for their thoughts on our plans, and people told us that changes needed to be made to reduce traffic and improve their areas.  Since then, we have designed schemes that we hope will make a difference.

“These changes are very new, and we know it will take some adjusting. As we trial the schemes over the next few months, we want as many people as possible to share their feedback with us on what has worked well and what could be improved.
“The aim of introducing Active Neighbourhoods is to make residential areas nicer places to get around, and easier for people to make their journeys to school, the shops or a friend’s house by walking or cycling.  The best way to see how these changes can have a positive impact on communities is to see them in action, which is why the trial is so important.”

Cllr Mazher Iqbal, Co-Chair of the Committee, added:

“We know we need to make changes if we are going to meet our zero carbon targets and reduce the number of cars on the road, but we want to make these with your help so that they work for you.

“I’d like to encourage everyone to share your views with us, good and bad. We want the voices of local people to directly contribute to the decisions made about their communities, so please do get in touch, and tell us what you think.”

The latest phase of the scheme to be implemented is the closure of Archer Lane at the junction of Brincliffe Edge Road. The Active Neighbourhoods are set to be fully implemented over the next month.

Further details about the what the Active Neighbourhood will look like, all the latest updates, and a map of which streets will be part of the schemes can be found at

You can provide feedback on the scheme by emailing or calling 0808 196 5105.

Drop-in sessions will also be held locally with the Connecting Sheffield team and Local Area Committees.  Feedback gathered throughout the six-month trial period will be used to decide the next steps for the schemes.