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Better Parks - Our vision calls for creative business ideas.

Graves park trees
Graves park trees

Our role is to look after Sheffield’s wonderful parks, woodlands and green spaces, and we love our job. We want our parks to stay vibrant and vital, attracting visitors rain or shine, day or night, all year round.

We are inviting creative, civic-minded entrepreneurs and businesses, to share their ideas with us. The challenge is to enhance people’s enjoyment of parks, woodlands and green spaces whilst preserving what makes these places so special.

There is plenty of scope for innovation and an opportunity to bring something new and exciting to existing green spaces. Our vision includes looking at business opportunities in parks, playgrounds, woodlands, sports facilities, ponds, picnic areas and more.

We are considering everything from catering and health and well-being, to leisure, activities and one-off events – any initiative that adds positive social and economic value, whilst delivering a better service for Sheffield’s parks and green spaces.

If you have an idea – big or small – that could work in one of these settings, we would love to hear from you.

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