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Bus gate in operation from Monday on Arundel Gate

A green bus gate road marking

A bus gate is being introduced on Arundel Gate from Monday, 20 March 2023 which will reduce the number of vehicles travelling along the stretch of road.

The bus gate forms part of the Council’s plans to improve bus movements and the environment in this part of the city centre. Watch a short explainer video.

The bus gate will apply northbound only and will restrict traffic from travelling beyond the Novotel Hotel access point, by the Millennium Gallery, when coming from the Furnival Gate direction. All traffic will be able to use Arundel Gate in a southbound direction. Access to all businesses on Arundel Gate will be maintained but the route that some drivers will need to take may need to change. Watch how to access Norfolk Street. 

Only buses, taxis and other authorised vehicles will be able to pass through the bus gate on Arundel Gate – one of the city’s most polluted areas. General traffic will not be able to use this as a through-route between Furnival Square roundabout and Park Square roundabout.

The new bus gate is being implemented through an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO). A period of statutory consultation is taking place for the first 6 months and the experimental order will run for up to 18 months. During this consultation, the public can provide feedback on the operation of the bus gate. All feedback will be considered before a decision is made on whether the bus gate is to be retained permanently.

Introducing a bus gate in this location will help to bring down the levels of pollution by reducing the number of vehicles which can travel along the road. It will also improve the environment for pedestrians and cyclists, and provide reliable journey times for bus users across the city centre.

Vehicles are still able to access the Q-Park car park on Charles Street and the Novotel Hotel, using the northbound carriageway, travelling from Furnival Square roundabout. 

Full access is maintained for all vehicles travelling from Park Square roundabout to Furnival Square roundabout. The right turn into Norfolk Street, and therefore access to Surrey Street, will remain possible when travelling southbound along Arundel Gate.

Further information can be found on the Connecting Sheffield website.

The installation of the bus gate is one of several measures, including the Clean Air Zone, required to reduce air pollution in Sheffield – all part of the Council’s wider Clean Air Plan.

Cllr Mazher Iqbal, Co-Chair of the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee, said:

“Arundel Gate is one of the most polluted spots in the city and the Council must do all it can to reduce these dangerous pollution levels. We cannot ignore the devastating effects pollution can have on people’s health, particularly the elderly, children and people with existing health conditions. All of this work supports Sheffield’s Clean Air Plan which will improve air quality and improve health of our population.

“We encourage local people to have their say on this measure now to help us as we progress our plans. The statutory consultation is live now and will be for the first 6 months. Everyone’s feedback will be considered before a decision is made on whether or not to keep the bus gate in place.”

Providing feedback

Sheffield City Council recently ran a six-week initial consultation allowing users of Arundel Gate to provide feedback. This phase of consultation went live on the Monday 16 January 2023 and ran until Monday 27 February 2023.

People can now make comments on the scheme as part of the statutory consultation process for the Arundel Gate bus gate ETRO. Those who would like to make a comment are asked to provide:

  • Full name
  • A valid postal address
  • Details of their objection

Please submit comments (with the subject as Arundel Gate ETRO) to:

Anyone requiring a paper copy of the consultation information or a hard copy feedback form can request this using the freephone telephone number, 0808 196 5105.  

For info

How will the bus gate be enforced?

Enforcement cameras will be located at the bus gate. Contravention of the bus gate by non-authorised vehicles will result in a fixed penalty notice being issued to the registered keeper of the contravening vehicle. Warning signs and direction signs for routes to avoid the bus gate have been installed to ensure people are aware of it and have the opportunity to avoid it.

Turning is allowed at the access to the Novotel Hotel to allow northbound vehicles that have missed the signs to turn back and avoid travelling through the bus gate.

How does this link to the Connecting Sheffield – City Centre scheme?

The Arundel Gate bus gate forms part of proposals consulted on previously as part of the Connecting Sheffield – City Centre scheme. The scheme would improve the look and feel of Arundel Gate by introducing new cycling and bus routes around the city centre, including along Arundel Gate, in addition to improved footpaths, and green space. 

The Connecting Sheffield – City Centre plans for Arundel Gate would see a new segregated cycleway created on the northbound side of the road to ultimately connect into new cycle routes around Castlegate to Darnall and West Bar/Kelham, along with new pathways and environmental improvements to make Arundel Gate much greener and more attractive. The bus gate contributes by reducing through traffic heading northbound on Arundel Gate to create space, and a better environment, for cycling and walking. 

What is an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO)?

An ETRO is a legal tool that allows highways measures to be introduced for a period of time to monitor how they work, while also offering the public the opportunity to provide feedback as part of the monitoring. 

During the monitoring, changes may be considered to improve the effectiveness of the scheme.

Notice of the ETRO is displayed on lamp posts in the area, and details of the Order are available on the Council website.