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Busy weekend on Sheffield roads


Motorists are being advised to leave their cars at home on Saturday and Sunday if their journeys aren't essential in what is expected to be a very busy weekend on Sheffield’s inner ring road – another sign of the city’s continued vibrancy.

Transport bosses have issued an appeal to motorists advising them to avoid non-essential car journeys this weekend. Thousands of students will be returning to the city from both University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

The popular Sheffield 10k which will see around 4,000 runners and thousand more on the streets of the city centre, will also be taking place, leading to some road closures on the morning of Sunday 22 September.

There won’t be a game at Bramall Lane that weekend after United moved their fixture but officers on the city’s Safety Advisory Group are still expecting heavy traffic. Ecclesall Road, Pinstone Street, Arundel Gate and Charter Row will all be closed from 8.30am to 12.30pm.

The Council has worked closely with both Universities to minimise disruption but issued an appeal to people to take advantage of World Car Free Day on 22 September and leave their vehicles at home if possible.

Councillor Bob Johnson, Cabinet Member for Planning and Development at Sheffield City Council said: “We have worked closely with both Universities and the organisers of the 10k to minimise disruption wherever possible.

"It’s an exciting weekend for the city and shows just what a great place it is to be. Our two Universities are world-class and bring so many benefits to the city and the 10k has put us on the map for our excellent year-round sporting offer.

“We are committed to delivering a sustainable city but have to accept that these events do lead to more traffic on the roads. If people can avoid non-essential journeys or explore other means of getting around we will give people a weekend to remember.”

Richard Eyre, Head of City Centre Management at Sheffield City Council, said: “We have been in discussion with both universities with a view to minimising the impact of student arrivals and the Sheffield 10k.

The Sheffield 10k takes place on Sunday

“We are appealing to motorists to leave their cars at home if their journeys aren’t essential especially given that the 22 September is World Car Free Day which aims to raise awareness about the impact of car use on our air quality.

“It’s unfortunate that both universities are returning to the city on the same day and this is not a situation we wanted – but if we can minimise the number of journeys made on the day that would help to minimise any delays.”

The University of Sheffied has secured use of several car parks in and around the Endcliffe and Ranmoor Village locations to accommodate arrivals over the weekend, acting as holding areas when car parking space within Endcliffe and Ranmoor residences becomes limited.

Similarly, University of Sheffield residences alongside the A61 Netherthorpe Road accessed via the A57 Broad Lane at Upper Allen Street and Edward Street present few issues on arrivals weekend.

The majority of issues are expected around the bottom of The Moor area and on the section of the inner ring road from Park Square and Moore Street roundabout.

This area is close to several Hallam residences as well as the area between Bramall Lane and London Road where large residences of The Forge and The Elements are located and St Mary’s Road, Shoreham Street and Leadmill Road, where The Trigon, Truro Works and Court and Leadmill Point are all situated..

Hallam recognise arrivals at these locations are likely to present the biggest challenge over arrivals weekend and have introduced a 30-minute parking permit in the immediate vicinity of the residences for arrivals weekend.

The intention of the parking permit is to highlight awareness that parking will be limited over the weekend and to act responsibly.

It is appealing for people to move on once vehicles have unloaded.

The traffic control centre will be staffed and operational for the weekend to mitigate delays and congestion and promote a positive image of Sheffield for all road users.

Parking services have confirmed they will have a proactive patrol presence in both areas, concentrating on the Riverdale Road area to the west of the inner ring road.

Advance warning of expected delay to road users is currently being displayed on strategic highway matrix signs.

Looking forward, planning for 2020 arrivals will start immediately after this year’s arrivals.