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Calls for new powers to tackle pavement parking

Cars parked on pavement

We have called on the Government to give local authorities more powers to target pavement parking in our response to a Department for Transport consultation.

Councillor Bob Johnson, Cabinet Member for Transport and Sustainability, has written to the Government to suggest that a nuanced approach should be taken in order to give councils more discretion as to where they enforce pavement parking, such as in areas subject to repeat offences or where parked cars pose a danger to pedestrians and other road users.

Under the current regulations, councils have little power to deal with pavement parking, which is often the responsibility of local neighbourhood policing teams. Under new proposals, local authorities would have the ability to provide pavement parking enforcement themselves and respond to complaints directly.

Councillor Johnson said:

“Pavement parking is a growing problem in Sheffield and we need to find a solution to tackle this in a practical, realistic way. One of the main causes of pavement parking in the city is the lack of parking space outside homes, with some communities in Sheffield consisting of up to 50% terrace housing. 

“We know that implementing a complete parking ban in areas such as this would be unfeasible and changes need to be made sensitively, so we are asking for powers to respond to the feedback from residents and tackle persistent and dangerous parking as quickly and effectively as possible.

“Alongside our response to this consultation we continue to develop our strategy for improving the problem of pavement parking and will explore initiatives such as a ban on pavement parking in the city centre, where we are introducing new measures to support walking, cycling, and by improving public transport infrastructure. 

“I hope that the Department for Transport takes our comments on board and uses this as an opportunity to overhaul the current regulations so that we can do much more to tackle this widespread issue that adversely affects so many of our residents.”

The Department for Transport’s  consultation on pavement parking closed on the 22 November.

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