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STATEMENT: Council funding for care providers from August to November 2020

Pensioner with a carer walking down a path away from camera

Sheffield City Council will continue to offer further support to all care providers in the city as a result of the effects of Covid-19.

Councillor George Lindars-Hammond, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care at Sheffield City Council said: “I thank all of our care providers and their staff for their continued commitment and hard work in caring for some of our most vulnerable people.

“This week, we have written to all care providers to explain what support will be in place beyond July, so that they can plan ahead. We have been engaging with all of them and listening to the feedback that they have given to us. As always, council officers are here to answer any questions or queries from care providers. If they contact our dedicated email address an officer will get in touch with them. We know that there is a lot to do over the next few months and that the care home sector in particular is facing a difficult period. We have continued to support them in an unprecedentedly difficult time for both their sector and ourselves. In order to be able to continue to fully support providers beyond November we urgently require significant additional funding from central government.

“We are here to offer support and guidance wherever we can and we thank care providers and their staff for the work they are doing with us to make sure we continue to all do our best for the people of Sheffield and their families.”

Care is provided across the city in different ways and we have outlined to each type of care provider what future support we will be giving. This covers care homes, the care provided in people’s homes, supported living services that support tenants and people who live with family carers so they can live as independently and safely as possible and extra care schemes, which are offered in a community setting where individuals can live in their own apartments both with or without assessed care needs.

The council has been paying care homes for council-funded beds that have been vacant since March as a result of Covid-19 and we will continue to do this until the end of August. From September, the council will contribute to the cost of all vacant beds in a home, whether they would usually be council or privately funded. From October, these vacant bed payments will slowly reduce whilst we closely engage with the sector and regularly review recovery and demand data.

Infection Prevention Control funding from the government will continue until the end of September to help with the additional costs of Covid-19 to each home.

Home care, supported living providers and extra care providers will all be able to claim support with their exceptional additional costs of Covid-19 and their infection prevention control costs from 14th May up to 27th September.

In addition, the council has so far only paid supported living providers on the hours they were commissioned to provide before the pandemic so they will now be supported to receive payments for the far higher number of actual hours of support that they have provided to mitigate against the closure or reduction of day activities during the pandemic. Work is moving at pace to make payments to these providers as quickly as possible.

George added: I would reiterate to providers that we are here to help them where we can so if they have any questions or queries about the information we’ve given this week, please do get in touch.”