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Sheffield seeks new Chief Executive

Photographo f Sheffield Town Hall

Sheffield City Council is looking for a new Chief Executive to lead the organisation. Following an interim term covered by Charlie Adan in the challenging circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the council is seeking someone to take the permanent role with the experience, knowledge and skills to guide Sheffield into the future.

Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: “Sheffield is a city that I’m proud to call home and one that has a huge amount to offer.  It is a city that has reinvented itself over recent years and has ambitious plans for the future, but it is also a place that has some challenges, some of which will be amplified following the Covid-19 crisis.  I want a Chief Executive who will join us to grasp the opportunities and tackle our challenges head on, building on the work of our previous Chief Executives."

“This role is not just about leading the organisation, but  passionately demonstrating how great this city is and lifting Sheffield up at every opportunity, giving us a voice not just locally but nationally. Sheffield is a brilliantly authentic, fiercely independent and resilient place and we need a Chief Executive who can help harness all our strengths and highlight all we have to offer.”

Current Interim Chief Executive, Charlie Adan, said:  “As an organisation Sheffield City Council understands its strengths but is not complacent and is always working hard to be even better; it has achieved a huge amount but needs to take that next step to achieve its real potential as a pioneering 21st century Council, working in partnership and leading the way."

Councillor Julie Dore continued: ‘We are looking for someone who can understand people; a leader who can enable and empower our workforce to utilise their strengths and challenge them to be even better."

Charlie added: “The new Chief Executive will be responsible for the smooth running of the UK's fourth largest city, with more than 560,000 residents. The successful candidate will lead more than 7,800 employees, with another 5,000 indirectly employed by the council. Our staff are dedicated, hardworking people who love the city and are proud to make a difference in people’s lives, they are ready and willing to meet new challenges and we want someone who can get the very best out of them.”

When it comes to working with the politicians, Cllr Dore does not want a wallflower, or someone who will just agree with their political masters, she said: “I want someone who will be assertive on behalf of Sheffield, who will challenge opinion and instil the best interests of our residents at the heart of everything we do.”

This recruitment is expected to take several months to complete.

The job advert will be live from today and can be found

Closing date for applications is 29 June.