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Collaborative Council as new Leader announced

Council Leader, Councillor Tom Hunt, Councillor Shaffaq Mohammed and Councillor Douglas Johnson
Council Leader, Councillor Tom Hunt (LAB), Councillor Shaffaq Mohammed (LIBDEM) and Councillor Douglas Johnson (GREEN).

A new Sheffield City Council administration has been agreed, with a collaboration between Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

Cllr Tom Hunt has been named Leader of the Council and Cllr Fran Belbin will be Deputy Leader, both from the Labour Party.

The Council has 8 policy committees plus a Finance Committee, and chairs for all of these were also confirmed at today’s Annual General Meeting.

All the Council’s political groups are represented in proportion to the numbers of councillors from each Party elected on 4 May 2023. Labour will chair 4 committees, Liberal Democrats 3, and the Green Party 2.

The committee chairs are as follows:

Strategy and Resources Committee

Chair: Cllr Tom Hunt (Labour)

Deputy: Cllr Fran Belbin (Labour)

Liberal Democrat Group spokesperson: Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed

Green Group spokesperson: Cllr Douglas Johnson

Finance Committee

Chair: Cllr Zahira Naz (Labour)

Deputy: Cllr Mike Levery (Liberal Democrat)

Green Group spokesperson: Cllr Toby Mallinson

Adult Health and Social Care Committee

Chair: Cllr Angela Argenzio (Green)

Deputy: Cllr Sophie Thornton (Liberal Democrat)

Labour Group spokesperson: Cllr Laura Moynahan

Education, Children and Families Committee

Chair: Cllr Dawn Dale (Labour)

Deputy: Cllr Maroof Raouf (Green)

Liberal Democrat Group spokesperson: Cllr Mohammed Mahroof

Housing Committee

Chair: Cllr Douglas Johnson (Green)

Deputy: Cllr Penny Baker (Liberal Democrat)

Labour Group spokesperson: Cllr Nabeela Mowlana

Transport, Regeneration and Climate Committee

Chair: Cllr Ben Miskell (Labour)

Deputy: Cllr Christine Gilligan Kubo (Green)

Liberal Democrat Group spokesperson: Cllr Andrew Sangar

Economic Development and Skills Committee

Chair: Cllr Martin Smith (Liberal Democrat)

Deputy: Cllr Minesh Parekh (Labour)

Green Group spokesperson: Cllr Henry Nottage

Waste and Street Scene Committee

Chair: Cllr Joe Otten (Liberal Democrat)

Deputy: Cllr Mark Jones (Labour)

Green Group spokesperson: Cllr Alexi Dimond

Communities, Parks and Leisure Committee

Chair: Cllr Richard Williams (Liberal Democrat)

Deputy: Cllr Janet Ridler (Labour)

Green Group spokesperson: Cllr Marieanne Elliot

Council Leader, Cllr Tom Hunt, said:

“Sheffield is an amazing city with so much to celebrate, and I am honoured to have been elected as Leader of the Council. There’s no doubt that there is a significant task ahead and I am committed to meeting that challenge head-on, openly and transparently. Whether it’s help with the cost of living crisis, or working to fix our public transport and bring in investment in the city, we are ready to get going. I know there is a shared commitment across this Council to deliver for the people of Sheffield.”