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Continued financial support for care homes sector

Sheffield Town Hall

Sheffield City Council is to continue financial support for the care homes sector by focusing on those providers under the most financial pressure.

This follows intensive work with care homes across the city and the Council is today sharing its plans to focus financial support on providers experiencing the most significant financial pressures due to COVID-19.

Councillor George Lindars-Hammond, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care at Sheffield City Council, said: 

“We have looked at a range of options for allocating funding across the sector’s vacancies differently. This ensures we take a targeted approach in supporting the market where a provider highlights specific risks that are linked to vacancies and/or loss of income.”

Over £10m worth of investment  has been put into the care homes sector to ensure it  is able to respond and provide high quality residential care for those who need it.

The Council has delivered a range of support for care homes throughout the pandemic in addition to financial support which includes accessing emergency staffing, value for money PPE and providing advice and guidance. It continues to work proactively with care home owners to identify and mitigate risks. Those care homes experiencing financial or operating difficulty need to contact the Council where advice and support will be made available.

Cllr Lindars-Hammond, added: 

“During these extraordinary times we have recognised, and acted upon, ensuring financial and other vital support has been made available to our care homes. Our priority is to protect our most vulnerable and we have worked with the care home sector to do all we can to support them and I want to thank them, their staff and residents, for all they have had to deal with during this time.

“The Council, itself under huge financial pressures due to the pandemic, has a responsibility to make sure public funds are used wisely and businesses who provide care and are at risk of closure, due to COVID-19 are important. The homes they provide for residents in Sheffield need to be protected. I encourage any care home provider who is experiencing financial difficulty to get in touch immediately.”