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Contractors thanked with rainbow stickers on vehicles

4 contractor vehicles in a row

Two of the Sheffield City Council’s contractors, Amey and Veolia, are being thanked for their hard work during Covid 19, with rainbow stickers being placed on their vehicles.

In recent months, messages of thanks for the operatives who have continued to work throughout the pandemic, delivering essential services across the city, have poured in.

In recognition of those working across both the council’s waste and highways contracts, a token of thanks can now be seen on a number of vehicles, in support of the workers who continued to deliver services in testing times.

Gill Charters, Head of Waste Management and Highway Maintenance at Sheffield City Council said:

“Here in Sheffield, we are incredibly proud that we were able to continue running a full waste and recycling service throughout the entire pandemic, ensuring that people could access services and continue to dispose of their rubbish during lockdown.

“Similarly, those working across the Streets Ahead highway maintenance programme worked hard to ensure that our road network remained safe and moving, at a time when key workers needed it the most.

“Without this dedication and support, our services would have been hugely impacted, with residents across the city feeling the effects.

“These stickers are a small but significant token of thanks for those who enabled us to deliver services safely and restore an element of normality during a period of such wide-scale disruption.”

Sheffield is one of the only authorities in the country to have kept all of its Household Waste Recycling Centres open for the whole of the lock-down period, despite the challenges of safety and social distancing.

After successfully managing its five centres over weeks of restrictions, the city was looked upon as a national beacon for the practices put in place to adapt, continue operating and allow residents to dispose of their essential waste safely.

Amey crews working on the highway maintenance contract were able to continue with a number of essential resurfacing jobs as well as support the council with the delivery of the Active Travel schemes.

Look out for the rainbows on a number of council, Veolia and Amey vehicles as they travel across Sheffield.

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