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Council Leader urges support for plans to safeguard the future of Sheffield's Street Trees

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Cllr Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council, has today called for people to rally behind its tree replacement programme for the sake of future generations. She is urging Sheffield residents to read the Streets Ahead 5 year Tree Management Strategy and reflect on the long-term aim; which is to protect the city’s 36,000 street trees for years to come.

Cllr Dore said, “Without this programme, our children and grandchildren would not be able to say they live in one of the greenest cities in Britain. I hope people realise that this tree replacement work is absolutely vital to maintain Sheffield’s tree-lined streets for future generations.

“This is a programme of protection, not destruction, and represents the largest investment there has ever been in the city’s street trees. We are extremely lucky in this economic climate to have the resources to do this. Without the Streets Ahead programme, dying or dangerous trees would not be replaced. The facts are that since Streets Ahead started we have removed 3388 trees and planted 3618.

“I know that residents want more information about the work, which is why I am making the Strategy more widely available. We’ve listened to people’s concerns and paused the programme to survey 5136 households on the streets where we are planning tree replacements. Even though only 13% of those households replied, we have still referred 42 streets to an Independent Tree Panel.

I recognise that there are a lot of myths circulating about our tree programme and I want to set the record straight, so I have agreed to a second debate at Full Council.”

The streets that have been referred to the Independent Tree Panel will be considered in three batches, with the first recommendations due to be made around the end of February. On 26 February the Council is launching consultation on its Trees and Woodlands Strategy, which will set out the Council’s commitment to its 170 woodlands as well as its street trees. A drop-in event will be held for members of the public at Sheffield Town hall and more information will be published soon.