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Watch Council meetings online during lockdown

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In accordance with Covid-19 social distancing rules, all Sheffield City Council meetings are currently being held virtually and shared online via webcast. This includes the Council’s monthly Cabinet meeting, usually held at Sheffield Town Hall.

Instead, members of the press and public are welcome to attend meetings virtually, such as the May Cabinet meeting, which takes place at 2pm today (20th May.) The Cabinet meeting will focus on Sheffield’s response to Covid-19, including discussions and updates on:

  • Covid-19 lockdown
  • Impacts on communities, health, education, jobs, welfare
  • Waste collection
  • PPE
  • Care homes
  • Council finances
  • Democracy - allowing remote council meetings

The webcast, which will go live at 2pm this afternoon, can be watched here.  The meeting agenda and support documents are available here.

Councillor Terry Fox, Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council, said:

"All aspects of our day-to-day lives, including coming together for Council meetings, have been affected by Coronavirus. However, it’s incredibly important that we remain transparent and are able to keep the people of Sheffield informed and up to date with the decisions being taken by the Council during this pandemic. As part of our citywide response all meetings are now held online to make sure we can keep moving forward in a fair and democratic way.

“Our May Cabinet meeting will focus on Sheffield’s response to Covid-19 and the work we’ve been doing to support our communities, care sector and businesses in this challenging time.

“The webcast will be available live and recorded, so everyone can find out more about the phenomenal amount of work taking place in Sheffield in response to Covid-19, and the many steps being taken to help us all stay safe, healthy and well.”