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Council wants to hear about Voluntary and Community Sector needs post Covid

Sheffield Town Hall is lit up as the sun sets in the city

The pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time for everyone, and Sheffield’s Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) continues to play a vital role in the city’s ongoing response to Covid-19.

The council is exploring ideas around a VCS Covid Recovery Fund to help tackle the financial pressures the sector is facing as it acknowledges the massive role the VCS has played in supporting the city during these unprecedented times.

To understand the types of financial pressures and gaps in funding the VCS is facing, the council has set up an Expression of Interest asking the VCS to tell us about their needs arising from Covid.

The Expression of Interest is not an application for funding, but it is essential that groups which think they may benefit from funding of this kind complete it.

If a VCS Covid Recovery Fund is launched, applicants will need to complete the fund’s application form, even if they completed the Expression of Interest.

The Expression of Interest process will run from Wednesday, October 20, to Wednesday, November 10.

To provide your thoughts, head to the Expression of Interest page.

Councillor Julie Grocutt, Deputy Leader at Sheffield City Council, said: “The council knows its voluntary organisations play a huge role in Sheffield life and we want to thank them for their incredible efforts during Covid across the city which has benefitted so many people.

“As we start to look beyond that, we want the Voluntary Sector to help us better understand their future needs so we can consider how best to support their vital work.

“We know that it might not be the size of the financial gap that’s the critical issue, it might be the type of income that’s been affected or the specific nature of the work you’re trying to cover the costs of that’s particularly challenging. What we need is information about the financial pressures that our critical VCS organisations face.”

Those with questions about the Expression of Interest are asked to contact: