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Council wins £8 million grant to make hundreds of homes warmer

Cavity wall insulation, a pair of hands putting it against a brick wall

The Council has successfully bid for over £8 million of government funding, through two different schemes, that will improve energy efficiency and the warmth of homes in the city that are most in need of heating upgrades.

Through the Homes Upgrade Grant (HUG) 2 the Council has secured just over £4 million which is aimed at low income, private sector homes that are off-the-gas-grid with their main source of heating being another fuel other than gas.

Further details about the scheme, and how to make an enquiry or application can be found at:

Warm Homes Sheffield has just recently launched and is a partnership between Sheffield City Council and energy experts AgilityEco.

This partnership provides a route to access a number of energy saving programmes including grant funding and energy advice and support that can help Sheffield residents to reduce energy use and stay warm.

The Council has also been successful in its bid for £4m of Social Housing Decarbonisation Funding (SHDF) which will contribute toward significant energy efficiency improvements to 370 Council homes that will benefit from important external wall insulation.

The recently launched ECO4 (Energy Company Obligation) Flex offer by the Council is another opportunity for households across the city to seek grant funding for energy improvements in their home. Further details of this scheme are at Warm Homes Sheffield:

Councillor Douglas Johnson, Chair of Housing Policy Committee, said: “This is such welcome news for us and an important step from both a climate change perspective and for helping people to keep warm. It can only be good for the environment for people being able to upgrade their homes to modern, more efficient standards of heating. I’d encourage people to have a look at the Warm Homes Sheffield website so that they find out more about what it means for them and their household.”