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Discussions for future refreshment options in Graves Park underway

Rose Garden Cafe

Following the closure of the Rose Garden Café last month, Sheffield City Council is working with the Café operator to assess the options for a temporary refreshment provision in Graves Park.

The building was closed on July 28 due to safety reasons. Since then, discussions about the future of the building have continued and the council is liaising directly with the operator to explore the options for continuing to provide a refreshment offer in the park.

The operator of the Rose Garden Café has been offered the opportunity to run a café cart or similar or a temporary container space. If they choose not to proceed, the opportunity will be opened to other interested operators.

Ajman Ali, Executive Director of Operational Services, said: “The closure of the Rose Garden Café in Graves Park has been extremely difficult for everyone, and we know how important it is to visitors. Since the sudden closure of the building, we have been doing all we can to find a suitable temporary alternative for the café to ensure refreshments are available to people in the park.

“We know that the timing of the closure came as a blow to the business, with trade typically increasing during the summer holidays, and we’ve worked as quickly as possible to make a decision on the way forward, including reviewing the original decision to close the building for the safety of the staff and customers. After assessing all the options available, allowing the operator the opportunity to provide and run a temporary facility was deemed the fastest, most appropriate way to reignite trade and provide a provision in the park.

“We are committed to featuring a café in the park long term. No decision has been made regarding the future of the Rose Garden Café building and we will work in partnership with the community on this. Work is underway to gather the relevant information and costs for every option and we will keep people up to date as the matter progresses.”

Further details about the decision will be available on the Democracy Sheffield website as soon as possible.