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Local businesses receive E-Bikes for deliveries

Sheffield businesses will be trialling a new way of delivering their goods this year, as Sheffield City Council secures a grant for 32 E-Cargo bikes from the Energy Saving Trust.

The Council approached businesses through a variety of forums and were keen to hear from those based in and around the city centre and those in permit parking zones.

Expressions of interest were received from twenty six businesses ranging from yoga instructors to architecture firms. Many of the businesses who will receive bikes later this year are social enterprises who work to redistribute food that is to those who need it in the city.

The E-Bikes are designed to replace the car and van journeys that are usually an essential part of daily life for businesses.

Businesses who expressed an interest in using an E-Bike were required to commit 10% of the cost of the E-Bike and purchase the necessary protective equipment, such as helmets and hi-vis clothing.

Councillor Bob Johnson, Cabinet Member for Transport and Sustainability at Sheffield City Council, said:

“It is fantastic to see local businesses being able to use E-Bikes as a viable alternative to van deliveries.

“As a Council we are always keen to introduce innovative methods of travel into our city that have a really positive impact on our environment. Given our current circumstances there is no better time to encourage more active and greener travel in to the everyday business model

“I’m looking forward to seeing how all our qualifying businesses use the bikes I and hope that this will encourage more companies to consider alternative modes of transport wherever they can.”

Moya Sketchley of Barra Organics said:

“The bike is just fantastic! The attention to detail in the design is phenomenal it feels great to ride.

“The covered flight case was great for veg boxes and comfortably accommodated 5+ orders, so it genuinely helped take up some of the strain off the van drivers for local deliveries.

“It has been such a positive experience to see how the E cargo bikes work in practice. I am very grateful to Sheffield City Council for facilitating this and now genuinely excited about the potential for e bike powering our local deliveries in the future.”

Allan Shaw volunteered to help deliver veg boxes for Barra Organics due to surge in demand since lockdown.

Tim Anderson, Head of Transport at Energy Saving Trust, said:

“The Department for Transport eCargo Bike Grant Fund attracted a significant number of applications. The 18 local authorities who have successfully secured funding will purchase a total of 273 ecargo bikes and nine ecargo bike trailers, enabling more businesses to benefit from access. eCargo bikes are an attractive low carbon transport solution which offer important benefits, most impressively fuel cost savings and contributing to improved local air quality. Last mile delivery is an important area for consideration in our journey to reduce transport emissions to net zero by 2050.”

The full list of businesses who were awarded the E-Bikes is:

  • Bhaji shop

  • Regather

  • Unwrapped

  • Paul Testa Architecture

  • Smart Metering Technologies

  • Russell Bike Shed

  • Bike Rehab

  • Sun Moon Yoga

  • Barra Organics

  • Steamyard

  • GT Blacksmiths

  • Wallsmiths

  • Down To Earth

  • Lab4living

  • S11 Cleaning


  • Bullion

  • Love to Ride

  • Bluebell Energy

  • Wincobank Medical Centre

  • Nathan Dainty Photography

  • DNCA

  • SCX Special projects

  • St Marys Church

  • Foodworks

  • Foodhall project