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Festive taxi fares explained

Sheffield City Council has set out the regulations around taxi fares during the festive period and how this works differently for private hire vehicles and Hackney Carriages (black cabs).

The two types of licensed vehicle have different regulations to adhere to.

During the festive period over Christmas and New Year many private hire fares increase, this is a decision for the private hire firm and the council have no control over this..

Private Hire Vehicles must by law, be pre booked, and are only insured for pre bookings.

Any increases in private hire fares do not apply to Hackney Carriages (black Cabs), whose fares are set by Law. Hackneys must engage their meter and can only charge the metered fare. It is an offence for a Hackney driver to charge anything other than the metered fare, or to fail to engage the meter.

The fares for Hackney carriages are set by law, and while a small increase of £2 around Christmas is added, this is for set periods only, this increase is automatically added onto the meter and cannot be adjusted by the driver.

The Hackney carriage increase is applied from 6pm on 24 December  – 6am on 27 December, and 6pm on 31 December  - 6am on 2 January this should be detailed on a fares table which must be displayed inside a Hackney carriage.

If a private hire taxi is ordered and the job is accepted by a Hackney carriage, the driver must still adhere to Hackney fare regulations and charge only the metered fare.

Members of the public can report issues relating to taxi fares directly to the Licensing Service on 0114 2734264, or to

To make sure the matter can be investigated the licensing service will ask for the registration of the vehicle, plate number of the vehicle (displayed on the rear of the vehicle) and also the driver licence number if known.