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Blooming sensible result for flowerbeds

Mr and Mrs Williams, of Hollin House Lane in Loxley, had received a letter from the Council after a complaint had been received from a local resident about flowerbeds on the public highway. A petition in support of the couple gathered 6,000 signatures in around two days. The Council then indicated it would pause any action whilst discussions took place.

Earlier today, Councillor Jack Scott visited the couple in their home to agree a way forward. Councillor Scott took a potted plant as a peace offering and to apologise for the significant inconvenience and disturbance the couple have faced this week.

Mr and Mrs Williams have agreed to move their compost bins, and the flowerbeds will remain. The Council will now write formally to say the matter is closed.

Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Development and Transport said:

I am so grateful to Mr and Mrs Williams for meeting with me in their home today. They rightly take great pride in these beautiful displays and I am sorry that the Council initially acted in a way that must have felt heavy-handed, even if it was following the letter of the law. I’m very pleased we have found a practical solution here and that everyone is happy.

Mrs Sally Williams said:
It was lovely of Jack to come up to our home and for us to meet him. I'm so glad common sense has prevailed now and we have found a sensible way forward.