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Foster Care Fortnight 2024 – we want to say thanks for everything our carers do

A smiling Mick Lewis enjoys a cup of tea on a sofa in a living room from a mug saying 'I Love Sheffield'
Mick Lewis

We would like to say a great big ‘thank you’ to all of our wonderful foster carers as Foster Care Fortnight 2024 swings into action.

Today (Monday 13th May) marks the start of two weeks highlighting the great work all our foster carers undertake to safeguard and look after vulnerable young people who need support.

Spearheaded by The Fostering Network, Foster Care Fortnight (FCF) is an annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering and show how foster care transforms lives.

This year’s theme is #FosteringMoments, and over the following two weeks we will be sharing the stories and experiences of some of those who have dedicated so much time to helping children across the city who require it.

In the first of those today, Mick Lewis says he “just wanted to help” when he set out on his foster care journey.

WATCH: Mick Lewis speaks about his favourite #FosteringMoments:

“I wanted to try and make a difference,” he added. “I’ve got my own children, twin boys, but no previous experience. I’d been thinking about being a foster carer for a while, but I had this pre-conceived idea that you had to be rich or you had to have a massive house.

“But I looked into it and then I realised, if you can offer something then you offer it.”

Mick, who first started fostering four years ago, said he feels like “Sheffield fostering represents Sheffield children,” and that’s why he wanted to join the council’s team.

“I felt like this is my city and I want to help my city and help the children from my city. It was natural to start fostering within Sheffield.

“You look at the benefits and the support – it was all there. Even through the assessment process it was phenomenal.”

Mick says he has a lot of #FosteringMoments from the past few years. He has been fostering a teenage boy for the past 18 months, and he loves that he and his family can now point to a certificate on the wall saying they are his permanent foster carers.

And he spoke about the supportive nature of other carers within the fostering community, adding: “If you ask a question, they will help you and they will support you – especially the more experienced carers.

“You could call it tight-knit, if you ask anything they will answer you.”

And in a final message to any youngsters who might be about to enter the foster care system and may be feeling apprehensive about the experience, Mick said that people like him were waiting to offer help and support.

“It’s alright to be scared, it’s alright to be nervous. But what I will tell you is waiting for you is somebody who wants to help, to support you, to give you opportunities. They will love you and they will help you.

“Grasp the opportunities and don’t let them pass you by because you will see these are wonderful people and you will be smiling every day.”

Meredith Dixon-Teasdale, Sheffield City Council’s Strategic Director of Children’s Services, said:

“As a Council we want to say ‘thank you’ to each and every one of our foster carers who put so much every day into improving the lives of some of our most vulnerable young people.

“We believe that every day should see you all celebrated, and we hope that this fortnight will help highlight just how valued the work is that you put in every single day. We believe Sheffield should be a place where all children belong, are safe and all young people can build a successful future. Our foster carers help that come to fruition.

“If you have ever considered joining the ranks of foster carers who do much to help children across Sheffield, then get in touch with one of the team and have an informal chat. You might be able to make such a difference to somebody’s life.”

Keep an eye on our social media channels over the next fortnight for more content highlighting the work our dedicated foster carers do.

If you have been thinking about joining them, then head to our fostering website for more information and to arrange a chat with one of the team at

For more on the Foster Care Fortnight campaign, visit The Fostering Network’s website at