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Free October half term food vouchers for families

School classroom

Families on a low income in Sheffield will receive a free £15 food voucher to help over the October Half Term Holiday.

Those who claim income based Free School Meals, get income assessed Early Years Support or young people leaving their care setting (Care Leavers) will all be eligible.

The Government has announced a new Household Support Grant to provide support for food, fuel and other essential household costs. We recognise that many families continue to face financial difficulties because of the pandemic and changes to Universal Credit.

We are providing free food vouchers to eligible families as a priority which we will follow up with further support over the coming months, once we have established how the Government expect this funding to be used.

Parents of those who are eligible for the voucher will be receiving a letter from the council about the scheme this week.  

Councillor Terry Fox, Leader of Sheffield City Council said:

“Times are hard and families with children need all the support they can get right now. We hope that this voucher will help and we recognise that whilst this new grant is welcome there is a need to continue to lobby the Government for more permanent support as we understand how rising food and energy costs are affecting so many families and children across our city. I’d like to remind anyone who is facing financial hardship or struggling with debt that the council’s website provides information on how to get support. Please do get in touch if you want to speak with someone. We are here to help with your questions or queries.”

To find out more about what support is available please visit the council website.

There is also free advice and support available at or by calling 0808 278 7820.