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Free school meals during half term - an update

Photo of a classroom

We have pledged to support thousands of children and young people with free school meals during the half-term week.

A letter providing  parents with the details of how to access free school meal vouchers will be sent out in the post today (Wednesday 28th October).The vouchers will be available for parents to use in supermarkets this week and after half term.

Over 22,000 children and young people in Sheffield receive free school meals, so our team are working hard to get meal vouchers to parents as soon as possible.

If any families need any support before they receive the voucher, a number of local businesses are offering free meals for children. You can find out where they are at

If you need financial support or to access a food bank please visit our website for more information

Schools are closed for half term and are not able to deal with school voucher requests. If there are any problems accessing the vouchers the letter provides  a phone number for people to call.

If you are a pub, café, shop or restaurant offering free meals in Sheffield this week, please do get in touch.  We will share all offers with parents so they can get the support they need.