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Further steps to improve active travel launched for the city

Visualisation of road with cycle lane

Sheffield gears up for more active travel improvements as the consultation for Nether Edge – City Centre opens.

The latest proposals, which sit under the Connecting Sheffield project, reveal plans for safer cycling and better walking routes from the City Centre to Broomhall and towards Nether Edge.

Nether Edge – City Centre, is the fourth in a series of schemes that are funded by the Transforming Cities Fund, funding bid for and won by Sheffield City Region from the government’s Department for Transport.

In line with national priorities to change how people travel, the funding can only be used for active travel and public transport improvements in areas where opportunities to increase access to employment have been identified. Nether Edge was recognised as an area where cycling and walking would be quicker and more convenient for many people to make journeys into the city centre.

The Sheffield City Council Transport Strategy published in 2019 also found that there is a significant opportunity to reduce the number of commutes by car from the Nether Edge area to the City Centre by improving active travel infrastructure, such as introducing new cycle lanes.

Proposals for the area include safe and easy to follow cycling routes from Nether Edge through Sharrow and Broomhall to the City Centre and the universities for better walking routes to the city centre with safe crossing points, and changes that pave the way for a ‘school street’ around Porter Croft Primary.

A ‘School Street’ means that traffic is restricted at drop off and pick-up times so that it is a healthier and safer environment for walking and cycling to school.

Lower Cemetery Road as it is now. 

A visualisation of Lower Cemetery Road as part of the Nether Edge - City Centre scheme. 

Cllr Julie Grocutt, Cabinet Member for Transport and Development at Sheffield City Council, said:

“The plans for Nether Edge into the City Centre are an exciting development in our journey to creating better routes for walking and cycling. The changes we are making are necessary for the future of travel in the city, not just for us but for our children. We know it won’t happen overnight, it will be a slow process, but our Connecting Sheffield scheme is making a strong start.”

The Nether Edge – City Centre plans, which propose new segregated cycle routes, could require the replacement of up to 30 trees to allow for the cycle path, with new trees being planted nearby. While the route has been designed to achieve the most effective route for cycling, the final plans will depend on the outcome of the consultation.   

Cllr Grocutt added:

“We will work with residents and local interest groups to make sure we can get the best possible results with the funding and space available in the community, and the plans will be shaped by the feedback from these discussions and the consultation results.

“I recommend that people read the full proposals and let us know what you think. You can also let us know if you have any questions or concerns by email, phone call or in writing.”

Dame Sarah Storey, Active Travel Commissioner for the Sheffield City Region, said:

“I am pleased to see this new piece of segregated active travel lane in Nether Edge which is part of the active neighbourhood strategy. We’ve had lots of comments on our interactive map about cycling and walking on Wostenholme Road and Washington Street, especially from cyclists who don’t feel safe in peak time traffic. Segregation here will provide a far more appealing route for cycling and leaves the footways for pedestrians who will also benefit from not being so close to traffic fumes.”

The Transforming Cities Fund schemes mark the first steps in the Connecting Sheffield project which aims to improve routes for cycling, walking and public transport. Changes that need to be made to accommodate the future of travel in the city, to help ease congestion, improve air quality and to help people to live a healthier lifestyle.

The full consultation for Nether Edge can be found on the Connecting Sheffield website:

You can also feedback your comments, or request hard copy information by email:, by phone: 0808 196 5105 or in writing: Freepost, Connecting SHF.