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Busy ring road verge gets needed face lift

Hanover Way verge
Hanover way verge

The surrounding area of one of the city’s busiest ring roads is receiving a much needed spruce-up this week, making it a safer and more inviting space.

The piece of land close to Broomhall Street, which runs adjacent to Hanover Way, currently serves multiple purposes, with a children’s playground and dense shrubbery which borders the road.

Following combined working between the Council, Amey and South Yorkshire Police, a proposal to improve the area has been agreed, which will help improve safety, reduce anti-social behaviour and encourage locals to continue using the local amenities.

The work will include thinning of the shrubbery, introduction of wildflower and restoration of the damaged hedge and fence.

Ahead of work starting, a full ecological survey was undertaken by the Council’s ecology team.

Neighbourhood PC Jennifer McCabe of South Yorkshire Police said:

“The Broomhall Neighbourhood team has been working hard over the last 12 months to make improvements to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. Residents here had previously raised concerns with us that this particular area, which includes a children’s play area, provided a concealed location where drug activity was taking place.

“We have since implemented policing plans to combat these issues, along with increased patrols and enforcement activity. Part of this work included surveying the area and identifying environmental changes which could assist with reducing anti-social behaviour. As a result, the Council are now undertaking work to clear a lot of the dense vegetation, removing the secluded areas and making it a more attractive space.

“Another great addition is a newly formed community group, who are doing a voluntary litter pick once a month to keep the area clean, tidy and ultimately more inviting. The team continue their dedicated work in this area, and hope that this will make it a nice place to live, visit and work.”

Darren Butt, Account Director at Amey Streets Ahead said:

“We manage all of the city’s grass verges, cutting over 74 million square metres since the contract began in 2012.  It was great to be involved in this project to make this play area safer and more attractive for those who live close-by.”