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Health Boss Greg Fell urges families with school aged children to follow Covid-19 advice

stay safe sheff

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health at Sheffield City Council, has urged all Sheffield families and households with children in school to stick to the current Covid regulations and play their part in stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

In a video released this week, Greg Fell, reminds families that mixing households and bubbles outside of the controlled environment of a school is not currently permitted and asks everybody to follow Covid safety advice so as not to put others at risk, following accounts of children socialising outside of school and in private homes. The video is available to watch here.

He said, “I cannot stress these two points enough. One, we are not out of the woods yet and the virus is still very dangerous. And two, school bubbles are only safe in school because of all the other protective measures in place like ventilation, extra cleaning, face coverings etc. It’s highly unlikely that the same level of protection is taken elsewhere, and therefore children should absolutely not be mixing with their school bubble outside of school.

“We have received reports of children having sleepovers and playdates at friends’ houses, children with symptoms not getting tests and being sent to school, and a total lack of social distancing. All of this is threatening to cause an increase in cases and stop our roadmap out of lockdown and is resulting in whole classes or year groups being sent home.

“You might think you’re not at risk, but one in three people don’t have any symptoms and can spread the virus without even knowing. And the vast majority - 70% - of cases are caught in the home as it spreads much more easily in indoor spaces where people are in close contact with each other for quite a while.

“As restrictions ease it has never been more important to follow the guidance and play your part in stopping the spread of coronavirus. Until more people have had both doses of their vaccination, please continue to avoid meeting indoors with anyone outside your household or close family bubble. Please think about what you’re doing, and the consequences your actions will have for everyone. By following the Covid safety advice for a bit longer, we will all be able to get back to normal more quickly.”

For more information on what you are and are not currently advised to do to keep yourself and your family safe visit