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Help our hardworking waste collection crews

bins out on a suburban street

We are proud to be running a full waste and recycling service in Sheffield.  However as we stay home and stay safe we are generating more waste than usual.


You can help to make sure that your bins continue to be emptied during this difficult time by making sure that:

    • Your bin lids are closed

    • Your bins are presented on the pavement by 7am on your collection day

    • You don't put extra extra waste next to you black and brown bins - this won't be taken

You may find that you are generating more waste than usual, so saving space in your bins is particularly important at this time.

You can save space by following these simple steps: 

    • Squash tins and can before putting them in your brown bin

    • Squeeze the air out of plastic milk bottles and then put the lid back on

    • Flatten cardboard boxes before putting them in your blue bin.

Did you know?

You can put extra cardboard out for collection with your blue bin.  Our crews will put your extra cardboard inside your bin once it's been emptied and then empty it again.  It's therefore really important that your extra cardboard is tied into a neat bundle no bigger than your blue bin

For more information on waste and recycling services in Sheffield, including service updates, please visit