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Important updates about Elections 6 May 2021

6 May elections, use your vote

Elections are next Thursday

Everyone registered to vote will have at least 3 votes on 6 May:

  • Local Elections
  • Governance Referendum
  • Police & Crime Commissioner

Voting is safe, quick and easy. We’re working hard to make voting as Covid-19 safe as possible - find out more about elections in Sheffield at our Elections page.

Changes to polling stations

Voters in some parts of Sheffield will be receiving new polling cards to let them know that their polling station has changed.

As part of our preparation for the elections on 6 May, we have undertaken detailed work to make sure that all polling stations are suitable, accessible for all, and Covid-19 safe. We changed a small number of polling stations as a result of this work to ensure that they are accessible for all voters:

  • Polling District PB in Graves Park ward will now vote at Graves Park Bowling Pavilion off Charles Ashmore Road (previously Painted Fabrics)
  • Polling District EE in Broomhill and Sharrow Vale ward will now vote at Crookesmoor Training Centre on Crookesmoor Road (previously Hallam Tiles)
  • Polling District ZH in Walkley ward will now vote at Ebenezer Methodist Hall on Greenhow Street (previously Walkley Library)

Voters in these areas will receive a new poll card with details of the new polling stations. No other polling station changes are planned. The polling station finder on the council’s website has been updated to show the changes. Find your polling station here.

Return your postal vote

Complete your postal votes as soon as possible and return in the freepost envelope provided to make sure your vote counts on the 6 May.

Find out more about the elections including candidate information at our Elections page.

Voting by emergency proxy

The deadline to apply for an ordinary proxy vote has now passed, but you may be able to apply for an emergency proxy if you meet one of the following three reasons:

You have a medical emergency that you weren’t aware of before 27 April 2021

You are away from home because of work and you weren’t aware of this before 27 April 2021

You are self-isolating because of Covid-19 (this might be because of a positive test result, because you have Covid-19 symptoms, you are quarantining following an overseas visit, or because you have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace)

To apply complete the relevant form on the Electoral Commission website.

The form must be returned either by email to or in person to Sheffield Town Hall by 5.00pm on Thursday 6 May 2021.