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STATEMENT: Council support to care homes around Infection Prevention Control funding

Front of the Sheffield town hall

Sheffield City Council is offering further support to care homes on how they use their Infection Prevention Control (IPC) funding based on the Government’s conditions.

Councillor George Lindars-Hammond, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care at Sheffield City Council said: “I want to thank care homes and their staff for their continued commitment and hard work in caring for some of our most vulnerable people.

“We are keen to explain to care homes  that if they can show how they have fully spent the first payment of the grant, they need to complete and return a spreadsheet to the council as soon as possible. If they can’t show at this stage how the first payment of the grant has been spent in full, they need to complete and return the spreadsheet by Friday 11th September.

“As always, council officers are here to answer any questions or queries from care homes. If they contact our dedicated email address an officer will get in touch with them. We know that there is a lot to do over the next few months and we are here to offer support and guidance wherever it is needed. We thank care homes and their staff for the work they are doing with us to make sure we continue to all do our best for the people of Sheffield and their families.”

The council has outlined the three main ways for how care homes can spend their IPC money which are:

    • measures to isolate residents within their own care homes


    • actions to restrict staff movement within care homes and


    • paying staff full wages while isolating following a positive test

Within these areas, SCC has provided them with real examples of how they can spend this money so that they know what to include in the information they provide to us. This makes sure that they know that not providing this information will mean the government will make them give the grant back in full and not give them the second payment.

Care homes have been made aware that if any of the money given to them hasn’t been used for infection control the council must take all reasonable steps to recover the money that has not been used. As well as this, they also know that any further funding will only be paid if they are consistently completing the NHS Capacity Tracker.