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Leader’s statement on Kate Josephs

Sheffield Town Hall

In response to the Sue Gray report, Leader of Sheffield City Council, Cllr Terry Fox, has said:

“I’ve seen Sue Gray’s report today at the same time as everyone else and it clearly paints a picture that will anger people across the country, and in Sheffield.

“In terms of Kate Josephs, I’ve expressed my feelings and deep disappointment many times about the gathering that took place in her former role at the Cabinet Office – I find myself having to do that again today. The gathering on December 17 was held while our communities were making massive sacrifices. This is not what the people of Sheffield want or deserve to see.

“The cross-party committee that was set up to look into this issue following Kate Josephs’ statement in January will now need to meet again before any decision can be made. We’ve all had to wait for the process to be followed properly, and we must continue to let the committee do its work. It’s absolutely vital we get this right for Sheffield and all involved.”

For info:

  • Sheffield City Council is following a proper process. It is vital for the city, its people, and those involved with this process, that it is carried out thoroughly.
  • There is a rigid process that must be followed, that forms part of the contract for any statutory officer. A cross-party committee had to be set up. There is very little information that can be shared publicly.
  • The politically-proportionate committee is chaired by Cllr Julie Grocutt, with the following members: Cllr Penny Baker, Cllr Douglas Johnson, Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed and Cllr Sioned-Mair Richards

  • On February 3 it was announced that the committee had determined to appoint an independent investigator, with a further statement on 11 February.

  • The committee will now need to meet again. The next committee date has not yet been set. When it is, it will be posted online: Sheffield City Council - Monthly meetings calendar - May 2022