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Looking after your locks in lockdown

hair curling around a roller

Many things are different during lockdown including our haircuts. To try and still look like their usual self some people have got out the kitchen scissors and cut a wonky fringe or let someone they are quarantined with loose with a pair of clippers. Or the fear of resorting to either of those choices has led to many just sitting tight until they can get professional help again.


With some people, however, being willing to flout the rules and take unnecessary risks to get their hair done by a hair stylist, the council is urging people to read the many online hair tips and advice instead.


Current government regulations mean that many businesses have had to close during lockdown and this includes hairdressers, barbers, beauty and nail salons. Mobile hair stylists should, of course, not continue to provide their services as their work cannot be done within social distancing guidelines.


Councillor Mark Jones, Cabinet Member for Environment, Streetscene and Climate said:


“We’ve had complaints from quite a few people about hairdressers and barbers continuing to provide their services during this period of lockdown. We know that in these difficult times having a hair cut may feel like a welcome escape and make people feel better, but the importance of social distancing needs to be emphasised. Getting your hair done by someone you are not isolating with is a close encounter that you can’t afford. Covid-19 kills, it’s not worth it.”


Online many barbers and hairdressers are helping out on the hair front by sharing their tips and knowledge. The BBC has shared some of their videos: how to trim long hair, do a men’s fade with clippers, cut short hair with scissors and how to do easy Bantu knots on afro hair.


More information about the current rules and the businesses that shouldn’t be working at the moment, so that everyone is protected, is here: