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Lord Mayor of Sheffield to serve another year in office

Photograph of the Lord Mayor, Councillor Tony Downing

The Council has decided to postpone its Annual Council meeting until May 2021. Changes to the law mean that the Council does not have to hold an annual meeting this year and the current appointments will remain in place for another year.

Councillor Tony Downing, Lord Mayor of Sheffield, will serve an additional year in office to ensure continuity during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Cllr Downing was initially due to step down on the 20th May after completing a one-year term, he will now remain in office until May 2021. The Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Gail Smith, who supports the Lord Mayor in his civic duties, will also stay in her current role.

Lord Mayor Tony Downing said: “Val and I are honoured to continue in our role as Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress for another year, a role we are thoroughly enjoying. It is with great pride that I see that the city is working together with the same spirit of community, resilience and support that has seen us through difficult times in the past. I am constantly amazed by the Steel Spirit shown by the people of Sheffield."

Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Gail Smith said: "Since I took office as Deputy Lord Mayor, it has been a privilege to support the Lord and Lady Mayoress in their very busy role. I will continue to do so over the coming year. Our communities are experiencing some big changes in their lives during this pandemic, many things have changed, and some things will never be the same again. We need to continue looking out for each other, and if we do, I know we will all come out of this as stronger individuals, and our communities, and our city, will be all the better for it.”