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More speed limits for safer neighbourhoods approved

20mph speed limit sign on residential street

The Transport, Regeneration and Climate Change Policy Committee have agreed another round of 20mph advisory speed limits across the city.

The decision was taken to permanently introduce an advisory 20mph speed limit in five more areas in Sheffield as part of the long-term Sheffield 20mph Speed Limit Strategy announced in 2012. The strategy aims to establish 20mph as the maximum appropriate speed in residential areas of Sheffield.

The five areas are;

  • Highfield
  • Deerlands
  • Batemoor
  • Waterthorpe
  • Norton Lees

By reducing the speed of traffic in residential areas it is hoped in the long term it will reduce the number and severity of collisions, encourage sustainable modes of travel and contribute towards the creation of more pleasant and safe environments for the people of Sheffield to live in.

Councillor Julie Grocutt, Co-Chair of the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Change Policy Committee said “It is great to see the next round of residential areas in the Speed Limit Strategy have been given the green light. The approval of today’s 20mph speed limits mean more communities in Sheffield will benefit from being able to feel safe getting out and about in their local area, seeing family and friends, getting to and from work and school and enjoying leisure time outdoors.

“By shifting our driving habits and slowing down to 20mph we can reduce the impact of noise, air pollution and traffic on our neighbourhoods. These decisions passed today will help Sheffield become a healthier, safer and more sustainable place to live and work.”

You can watch the committee meeting back via the webcast here.