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New website & app for children's activities in lockdown

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Today we are delighted to announce the shared launch of two new brilliant resources to support Sheffield children and young people (aged 0-24) and their families in lockdown.

Create Sheffield and 50 things to do before you're 5 are available from today and completely free to use.

Create Sheffield's new website hosts a series of fun, creative adventures for young people, children and their families, brought together by Create Sheffield and their partner arts and cultural organisations from across Sheffield. The launch comes at the end of the week which should have seen the start of the summer school term.

The website’s activities have been transformed into #homeadventures to try in lockdown. Participants are encouraged to share what they get up to on each home adventure on social media, and to invent their own #homeadventures to share with others across in the city.

Ian Naylor, Chair of Create Sheffield, said: "The cultural education partnership is here to foster a movement, where every child in the city, no matter what community they live in, can explore, share and revel in the creativity that both defines them, and defines our amazing city.

"Creativity is the best friend that every child is born with, it lies at the heart of what makes us human. Creative thinking is at the core of the deepest learning and we know that the structure of our education system can at times feel like this innate creativity is under pressure.  The best scientific discoveries, every story ever written, the solution to a mathematical formula were all borne from creative thinking. Without care this very basic human need can be taught out of our children and young people.

"At a time when we are turning to creativity and play like no other, there seems no better time to try and draw our city and its young people together through this creativity. It also highlights that there are so many children and young people who face barriers to exploring and sharing creativity for themselves. Together, the partners of Create Sheffield, will work tirelessly to ensure that every child in our great city can grow, develop and shine.

"I am delighted to share the start of this journey with our city through the launch of our website. And because this movement has creativity and collaboration at its heart, it will really come alive when our city, our home, our place and the children and young people who bring it such vibrancy can contribute to its development.

"Start by sharing your #homeadventures via social media - if you're a musician you can do this through your #gardengig making music on your doorstep, in your garden or with your window open every day at 4pm."

Mayram age 3 tries a spot of home baking, Albie age 2 plays dress up as a fireman.

‘50 Things to Do before you’re 5’, one of Create Sheffield’s partners, is also launching a Sheffield-focused version of their website and app.  This fantastic resource particularly aimed at the under 5s has been funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and special additional material has been put onto the website to help with its use for families in lockdown.

The app offers alternatives to the exciting visits available in Sheffield, with links to museum websites and ideas for home and garden. The 50 Things include activities that are based on research of how children learn. More importantly, they are low/no cost, accessible to every child aged 0 to 5 across the city and are great fun.

Councillor Abtisam Mohamed, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills at Sheffield City Council, said: “This fantastic new website and app comes at a time when families really need extra support and ideas for play and learning. I can’t wait to see the exciting home adventures the children and young people across Sheffield take part in over the next few weeks.”

Families can get involved and share their adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #50ThingsSheffield #homeadventures

Go online at and and start your adventures today.

Commenting on the new resources,

Dr Karen Dunn, Sheffield Hallam University said: “Everyone at Sheffield Hallam is really excited to be working with Create Sheffield. Our students, both in the arts and humanities and in education, are keen to be involved in supporting young people in the city to access the vibrant arts and cultural scene that is all around us. Hallam students  - many of whom grew up in Sheffield or in the surrounding areas -  are already enjoying working with Create Sheffield partners as part of their university placement experience. They are enjoying finding out more about the city they live and study in and reflecting on the power which arts and culture can have in transforming lives.”

Verity Clarke, Head of Bridge programme, IVE said: “I’m delighted that Create Sheffield is launching its new website. It’ll be a great place to celebrate its commitment to unite people from across sectors; to work together to improve arts and cultural education for children and young people in Sheffield. Create Sheffield is one of 15 Local Cultural Education Partnerships we’ve developed in Yorkshire and Humber in response to the Arts Council’s Cultural Education Challenge. A strong understanding of the value of partnership working in Sheffield, has led to swift progress in the development of Create Sheffield. This website will act as an important one stop shop for information and opportunities for adults working with children and young people to find opportunities and make connections that, in turn, will enable them to celebrate and nurture young peoples’ creativity in Sheffield.”

Gail Gibbons, CEO at Sheffield Futures, said: “We are really excited to be partnering with Create Sheffield.  Now, more than ever, it’s so important to have opportunities to take part in activities that bring joy and allow us to be creative. Through our Door43 wellbeing service and our Youth Sheffield youth work, we know that young people are better able to navigate the challenges of life and the specific issues we are now all facing, when they’re able to incorporate fun into their daily routines. That’s why we love the idea of #homeadventures and will be sharing them far and wide with the young people with support.”

Christian Bunting, Director, Bradford Birth to 19 Teaching School based at St Edmund's Nursery School in Bradford, said:"We are so pleased to be working in partnership with the City Council to create 50 Things To Do Before You're Five in Sheffield. 50 Things is a wonderful way for families of young children to have fun and learn at home, in the garden and outdoors. Using our app or by looking at our website, families can be inspired by local activities to try out, for free."

Maureen Hemmingway, EYFS Quality, Access and Moderation Manager said: "50 things to do before you're 5 opens up endless possibilities and exciting ideas to keep young children busy. These exciting ideas will support families to expand their children's learning and curiosity during this difficult lock down period."