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Our Parking Services for customers is changing

Cars parked on the street
Cars parked on the street

At Parking Services we are modernising our systems to make way for an improved customer experience. Our aim is to make applications and processes with us easier to access and faster to navigate.

Parking Services Manager Ben Brailsford, said:

“The changes we are making will help customers navigate our system more easily and ultimately, save time. Our system is used by motorists to appeal or pay a penalty charge notice.  It is also where residents and businesses can apply for and manage their parking permits.

“Customers will still be able to access Parking Services in the usual place on the Sheffield City Council website however the system will look different and provide more information than the current system.

“The existing system will be available until Tuesday 28 January at 5pm. There will be no access to the Parking System on Wednesday 29 January for either customers or Sheffield City Council Staff. The new system will be online on Friday 31 January.

Customers applying for parking permits

What’s New?

Customers applying for residents and business permits, which are supplied as paperless electronic permits, will see successful applications made live immediately, rather than having to wait 36-60 hours.

You will see immediate changes in vehicle registration details for paperless electronic permits made online, rather than having to wait 36-60 hours for processing

You will now need to pay on application for all permit types.

Correspondence from the permit team will come from a new email address

What will customers need to do differently?

If you are applying to renew a permit, please do not apply until the day after the expiration date. You will receive 14 days grace period after expiration of your current permit in your existing permit area.

You will need to create an account when you use the system for the first time.

You will need an email address and information about the property the permit will be used for.

Motorists paying or challenging a Penalty Charge Notice

What’s New?

Once you have logged in with your PCN reference and vehicle registration, you can access the status of your case online. For example, you will be able to see that your online appeal has been received by the appeals team and it is being processed - rather than calling the council to enquire.