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Race Equality Commission final report instructs Sheffield organisations to actively fight racism

Race Equality Commission

The Race Equality Commission (REC) final report, released 14 July, has urged key organisations in Sheffield to come together to create a city which actively fights racism.

After receiving more than 150 pieces of evidence, speaking to more than 165 witnesses at hearings and generating around 600 pages of transcripts, the Race Equality Commission has published its findings and recommendations for Sheffield to address racial inequality in the city.

As well as becoming antiracist, the report calls on organisations to pledge they will meet the 7 recommendations and 41 actions it sets out within the next three years.

The seven recommendations are:

  1. Sheffield: An Antiracist City
  2. Educating Future Generations and Showing Leadership in our Educational Institutions
  3. Inclusive Healthy Communities: Wellbeing and Longevity for All
  4. One Sheffield in Community Life: Inclusion, cohesion and confidence
  5. Celebrating Sheffield Through Sport and Culture: Past, Present and Future
  6. Proportionality and Equity in Crime and Justice
  7. Sheffield Equal and Enterprising: Supporting Black Asian and minoritized ethnic Business and Enterprise

In the report, the independent Chair Professor Kevin Hylton, and a group of 24 Commissioners, have set out deliverable actions for the city to own such as, setting up a set of measurable targets for key organisations to report on annually and establishing a Legacy Delivery group to monitor and review the progress of race equality in Sheffield following the REC report.

Other actions stated in the report include ensuring platforms for youth voice reflect the ethnic diversity of the city, celebrating and engaging the whole city in recognising the role of Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic communities in Sheffield’s culture and history as well as improvements to diversity in education workforces and governing bodies. 

The full list of actions are available to read here.

Chair of the Race Equality Commission, Professor Kevin Hylton, said: “There is a lot of work to be done in Sheffield to tackle racism and racial inequalities and I hope this report and its recommendations will be seen as just the beginning in the city.

“It is time for Sheffield to hear and learn from the experiences of people and organisations in the city and grow together to pave the way for a different future. Sharing these experiences and having awareness of the need to tackle racism and racial disparities head on should lead to making Sheffield one of the best cities to live in.

“I would like to thank all of those who engaged with the Commission, both individuals and organisations, and urge everyone to continue this dedication through to make considerable and effective change. Initiating change is not achieved through one group, though key stakeholders in the city must take the lead. Sheffield must collectively engage in this journey and deliver change together.”

Cllr Abtisam Mohamed said: “I am pleased that the report is now available to the public as well as all organisations across Sheffield and I’m very proud to have been a part of the Commission.

“It has taken longer than expected to produce the report but we wanted to do it right to ensure effective change in our city. This is the start of a much longer journey towards the diverse and united Sheffield we all believe in.

“We recognise there is a strong need for action and we will work quickly to set up a legacy group, consisting of some commissioners and new faces, as soon as possible to see the recommendations of this report through.

“Equality is only achievable by working together and I hope Sheffield will embrace the request to make this a fairer and equal city for all.”

The REC was set up in Summer 2020 to provide an independent assessment of racism and race inequality in Sheffield.

The full report is available to read here: Race Equality Commission | Sheffield City Council