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Ready, steady, Grow! Green Fingers Garden Competition is now open

A range of plant pots displaying various flowers and plants

Sheffield City Council is pleased to announce the return of the Council tenant Green Fingers Garden competition!

We find it hard to believe that we have been hosting the competition since 2010 - that’s 10 years’ of seeing tenants’ amazing skills growing beautiful blooms and creating glorious gardens.

Gardening is a great way to help maintain our physical and mental well-being, especially during this pandemic when we are all spending more time at home.

As you may expect there will be a few changes in place, so everyone can enjoy taking part whilst staying safe and respecting social distancing.

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a new beginner, our latest competition is now open to all council tenants click here to enter. We are looking for submissions from people keen on growing plants for pleasure. So, you can join in the fun if you have your own garden, a balcony, a patio, a window box or indoor garden. All submission types are welcome.

You can grow anything you like, whether it’s a vibrant floral display, hand sown wildflowers or fruit and vegetables to feed your family, just remember your garden should only be worked on by people in your immediate household.

Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety at Sheffield City Council Paul Wood, said:

“It is wonderful to see the tenants’ garden competition happening this year despite the pandemic. We all have such respect and admiration for all the hard work it takes to grow and nurture your wonderful green spaces in whatever form that takes. We look forward to seeing the results of your efforts next month!”

As we can't send people out to judge your garden, we're asking you to send us your photos instead. For all the details - including how to enter - click on the button below.

The closing date for competition entries is 19th July 2020.

We have some small prizes for our favourite entries, and we hope to hold a ceremony for the competition winners later in the year to celebrate your great and green garden creations.

For further information about the competition and how to enter, please click here.