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Residents in a Sheffield community have a new neighbourhood plan

A old signpost which signals the direction to Dore

Residents in Dore Neighbourhood Plan Area had the opportunity to have their say on how their communities will be shaped in the future, when they voted in a referendum on a Neighbourhood Plan produced by the community for the area on 12th August. 94% of the votes cast voted in favour of the plan. 

At its meeting on 6th October, Sheffield Council voted to adopt the plan and make it part of the city’s Development Plan. The Dore plan is the second neighbourhood plan to be adopted in Sheffield, following the Broomhill, Broomfield, Endcliffe, Summerfield and Tapton Plan, which was adopted earlier this year.

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan area lies within the Peak District National Park Authority area, it was also adopted by that authority on 10th September 2021.

The Localism Act 2011 gives communities with a designated neighbourhood forum the power to develop a Neighbourhood Plan which aligns with the city’s statutory development plan policies.  

The Dore Neighbourhood plan has been developed over the past six years. The Dore Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group led significant community engagement to determine the vision and aims of the Neighbourhood Plan:

  • Peak Park – As a large part of the Neighbourhood Plan area includes land within the Peak District National Park authority, the Plan includes policy protecting and enhancing the landscape character of the area between Dore neighbourhood and the Peak Park.
  • Housing – promoting a diverse range of housing types which are safe attractive and distinctive.
  • Local Open Spaces - protection and enhancement of outdoor spaces.
  • Dore Village Centre – promoting the long-term sustainability and vitality of the Centre, so that local residents have access to retail, business and community services and amenities.
  • Historic built environment – protection and enhancement of buildings and areas of historic, architectural, and archaeological significance.
  • Transport– good public transport and appropriate traffic and car park management

The Council and the Peak Park Planning authority officers have worked with the Dore Forum to ensure that the plan meets the requirements for adoption as part of the City’s Development Plan.

The neighbourhood plan policies will now be used to inform development within the Neighbourhood Plan area and will be used when determining planning applications in the Neighbourhood Plan Area alongside national planning policy, and other planning priorities.

Cllr. Julie Grocutt Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Community Engagement and Governance of Sheffield City Council, said:

“I would like to congratulate Dore Forum on the success of their committed efforts for the last six years, producing the Dore Neighbourhood Plan and having the opportunity to see it come to life. They, along with the Council and Peak Park Planning, have worked tirelessly to ensure the plan meets all the necessary requirements and it is fantastic to see.

“It is clear from the result of the referendum that the Dore community are fully onboard with the neighbourhood plan. As a council we are determined to focus on getting the community more involved and empowering Sheffield residents to make a difference to policy that affects their communities, and this is a perfect example of how it can be achieved.”

Christopher Pennell, chair of the Dore Neighbourhood Steering Group, said:

“The Dore community warmly welcomes the Council’s formal Adoption of the Dore Neighbourhood Plan after well over 5 years hard work in and by the community in concert with the City Council and the Peak District National Park Authority.

“This has been a tough and challenging task to produce a plan which seeks to protect the character of Dore and its surroundings while meeting the requirements of national planning rules and encouraging appropriate and needed development.

“We are delighted with the resounding 94% vote in favour of the plan in our 12 August Referendum and the thought that Dore’s perseverance has enabled it to contribute to the planning policies determining planning applications arising in Dore.”

More information about the Dore Neighbourhood Forum and background information on the Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the Dore Village website.