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RESULT: Darnall Ward

Name of candidatePartyVotes
AL-MUHFUZ JoyduGreen Party 247
ASTON KathyGreen Party 186
BLYTH RichardThe Conservative Party Candidate 191
IQBAL MazherLabour Party 2806
JAMES Nigel TerenceUK Independence Party (UKIP) 655
KING PhilTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 82
LEA MaryLabour Party 2672
MEMMOTT Pauline SusanLiberal Democrats 216
MOHAMMED Sohail ShaffaqLiberal Democrats 285
NAZ ZahiraLabour Party 2423
O’BRIEN Peter WilliamUK Independence Party (UKIP) 690
PRIEST Matthew JohnUK Independence Party (UKIP) 606
SHADDOCK Janet FrancesLiberal Democrats 186
WARD Eamonn CharlesGreen Party 116


Electorate: 13,106
Turnout: 33%