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RESULT: Ecclesall Ward

Name of candidatePartyVotes
BARNSLEY RogerConservative Party Candidate 791
CHAPMAN John WestleyConservative Party Candidate 720
DAVISON Roger NoelLiberal Democrats 3439
FORSTER EmilyGreen Party second choice candidate 1171
FREEMAN Alison JaneLabour Party 2368
JAMES Roan AlexanderTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 108
JOHNSON DanielConservative Party Candidate 574
KEMP Stewart John CliffordGreen Party first choice candidate 1517
LEMAN JasonGreen Party third choice candidate 821
LOWCOCK John DouglasUK Independence Party (UKIP) 514
MOHAMMED ShaffaqLiberal Democrats 2787
OLEWICZ Christopher AnthonyLabour Party 1794
RUSHTON Kevan KennethLabour Party 1849
SCRIVEN Paul JamesLiberal Democrats 3164


Electorate: 15,780
Turnout: 49%