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RESULT: Richmond Ward

Name of candidateParty Votes
BAILEY-SMITH Fiona AlisonLiberal Democrats 314
BENSON Amy VanessaGreen Party 279
DRABBLE MikeLabour Party 2177
HILL Angela MargaretLiberal Democrats 285
HOPE RachelGreen Party 213
HURST Dianne LesleyLabour Party 1963
KNOWLES HarryConservative Party Candidate 420
MAYES Rosie KathleenTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 209
NUTTGENS NickGreen Party 179
PENNELL Jenifer Frances YeomanLiberal Democrats 256
RIPPON PeterLabour Party 1667
SIMPSON MikeUK Independence Party (UKIP) 1106
SNEDDON Andrew JamesConservative Party Candidate 407


Electorate: 14,673
Turnout: 26.37%