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Sheffield City Council acting Chief Executive

Town hall and peace gardens in the sunshine

Eugene Walker, Sheffield City Council’s Executive Director for Resources, is stepping into the role of acting Chief Executive.

Cllr Terry Fox said: “There’s no doubt this has been a challenging time for the council, but I’ve said before that our workforce have been fantastic and I want to thank them again for continuing to drive this city forward. Eugene Walker will be stepping up as acting Chief Executive for this interim period, with support from the senior leadership team. We have so much to look forward to in Sheffield this year and together we will continue to deliver for this city.”

Eugene said: “It’s a big year for Sheffield, with exciting plans for the city centre, major events taking place and important work to be done on our budget and delivering on the administration’s priorities. We are as committed as ever to serving the people of Sheffield.”

Kate Josephs remains on discretionary leave and you can read the latest statement here: Investigation update following committee meeting (