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‘Sheffield Learning Together’ booklet provides home learning activities to families across the city

learning together booklet

5500 copies of a new home learning booklet for children, young people and families across the city will be distributed each week in May by the Sheffield Star. A new edition of the resource put together by schools across the city, Learn Sheffield, Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. The 16 page supplement will include learning activities for all age ranges, as well tips and activities  to support mental health, physical activity, healthy eating, and much more.

The resource will be available as a supplement in the newspaper each Thursday, online to download from the Learn Sheffield website and copies will be distributed through schools, food banks and volunteer networks for families with limited access to printers and the internet. The cost of the delivery are being met through sponsorship and this week 5500 copies are being distributed. There are already plans to increase this to 10,000 from next week to meet the demand from schools!

Councillor Abtisam Mohamed, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills said:  “This is a fantastic idea, bringing together the experts in education from across the city to produce something useful and supportive which can reach all our families and children.”

Stephen Betts, Chief Executive of Learn Sheffield, said: “We are so grateful to all of the partners and sponsors who have come together in the city to turn this idea into a reality in just two weeks. Home learning brings so many challenges for everyone but especially families with less access to the internet and printing. We hope that this will complement the support that schools across the city are providing for their communities and have something for everyone in the family!”

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