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Sheffield Voter ID Figures - Local Elections 2024

Sheffield City Centre skyline at night

Following the local elections on Thursday 2 May, we have collated the Voter ID figures for people turned away, on polling day, due to not having an acceptable form of ID.  

These figures can be found on the Sheffield City Council website. 

Kate Josephs, Returning Officer for Sheffield City Council, said:

“This year was only the second time voters were required to bring photo ID with them when casting their vote, and I’m encouraged to see the vast majority of people in Sheffield did just that. 

“The number of people initially turned away because they didn’t have Voter ID was small, compared to the overall number of people who turned out to vote, and it is fantastic to see many of those also returned later with the correct ID. 

“We, as a Council, worked really hard once again to give residents all the information they could need regarding this process, including all the acceptable forms of ID, and how you could apply for ID if you didn’t have it. This is work we will continue to do to ensure everyone who can vote in Sheffield is able to do so. 

“I would also like to pay thank the hundreds of polling station staff who supported the implementation of this year’s local election and supported so many people across Sheffield to cast their ballot.” 

With the upcoming General Election, voters are urged to check that they have acceptable ID and if not, to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate. 

Further details about Voter ID and Voter Authority Certificates can be found on the Council website. 

Key dates ahead of the General election 4 July:  
  • Register to vote by 18 June 11:59pm  
  • by post 19 June 5pm  
  • by proxy 26 June 5pm  
  • Apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate by 26 June 5pm (applies to anyone without valid ID)