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Shisha businesses fined for allowing smoking indoors

shisha business
shisha business

Whether from cigarettes, roll ups, Shisha or any other smoked product, first or second hand smoke inhalation can cause serious health issues.

Smoking of any kind is illegal inside public places and business owners are legally responsible for protecting staff and customers from the harmful effects of smoking inside their premises.

Sheffield businesses Sapphire Lounge, Smokey Bar & Grill, Samara Lounge and Oasis were all brought before Sheffield Magistrates Court on Tuesday 24 September for allowing smoking indoors and were found or pleaded guilty.

    • Sapphire Lounge was proven guilty in absence and received fines/costs of £1,121.


    • Smokey Bar & Grill was proven guilty in absence and received fines/costs £1,317


    • Samara Lounge pleaded guilty via post and received fine/cost of £1,272.


    • Oasis pleaded guilty and received fine/costs of £859.

Regular monitoring will now take place to make sure these businesses do not continue allowing smoking indoors. Further action will be taken if smoking indoors is witnessed or reported.

The council’s environmental regulation service works with businesses to help them understand health and safety laws. Officers also monitor and inspect businesses, as well as following up on reports and complaints to make sure they adhere to the law.

Anyone who witnesses smoking indoors can report it to or 0114 2735774

Business owners who are unsure about the laws around smoking can contact Environmental Regulation’s health & safety enforcement team on for advice.

More information about the harmful effects of smoking and help to stop smoking is available at through Smokefree Sheffield.