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Two new campaigns announced from Smokefree Sheffield to mark World No Tobacco Day

Smokefree Sheffield
Smokefree Sheffield

With a focus on cheap and illicit tobacco, and smokefree homes, Smokefree Sheffield and its partners are taking new approaches to change the norms around smoking in Sheffield.

On average around 1 in 5 adults in Sheffield smoke and around 5 children start smoking in Sheffield every day. Smoking remains the biggest killer in the UK, with tobacco killing 16 people per week in Sheffield.

The partnership, including Trading Standards, is working together to stub out cheap and illicit tobacco with the announcement of phase two of the campaign, which launched last summer.

Building on the success of two recent warrants in Sheffield which resulted in over 50,000 cigarettes being confiscated from a local motor garage by Trading Standards, the campaign aims to help the public to understand the real cost of cheap and illicit tobacco on our communities. It asks local residents to be more aware of its impact and report any suspected sales.

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health at Sheffield City Council, said: “We know that illegal tobacco allows young people to access cigarettes cheaply, but it also gets them hooked from an early age on a life long habit that kills. As well as funding local criminals it is often linked to organised crime gangs and firearms.

"We are relentless in our approach to tackling cheap and illegal cigarettes in Sheffield and have closed 9 premises in last 2 years who were operating illegally. But we need the help of the public. If you are aware of the sale of illegal tobacco help us to protect our kids and report it on 03454 040 506."

The campaign will be rolled out across areas within Sheffield that have a high prevalence of cheap and illicit tobacco reports.

With the citywide rollout of the Smokefree homes campaign in January, which aimed to highlight the dangers of second-hand smoke and its impact on children and young people, this summer will see the launch of phase two.

Together with Sheffield Housing Services, Smokefree Sheffield is working to spread the word around the effects of second-hand smoke. Focusing on the dangers to adults and pets, the campaign aims to encourage those who smoke to keep their properties smokefree, as well as going smokefree themselves.

“The first phase of Smokefree homes saw successful engagement with the campaign following the distribution of thousands of commitment cards across the city to encourage people to go smokefree for the benefits of their families via schools, children’s centres etc. However, phase two is about helping everyone understand the wider impacts of second-hand smoke, especially to pets like cats and dogs who are particularly susceptible as smoke particles get trapped on their fur. For many people, making a commitment to keep a smokefree home is a great way to start your quit journey.” said Councillor Mary Lea, Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Leisure at Sheffield.

Smokefree Sheffield, a three-year initiative, aims to reduce the prevalence of smoking across the city, where key partners and local residents are working together to achieve a Smokefree Sheffield.

For more information, visit the Smokefree Sheffield.