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Statement from Director of Public Health Greg Fell

Greg Fell, Director Public Health Sheffield City Council

A statement has been made by Director Public Health at Sheffield City Council, Greg Fell in relation to some news regarding Sheffield that may have given rise to confusion or concern.

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health at Sheffield City Council, said:

“We would like to be clear with the public of Sheffield that there are no ongoing incidents we are not aware of. We are constantly monitoring the situation and do not want our residents to feel that there is something we are not telling them.

“We have established our Sheffield Local Outbreak Control Board and have a plan in place to deal with a wide range of potential scenarios. We are all well aware that Sheffield, like everywhere else, is not out of the woods and we all know we need to be vigilant for some time. We know this picture changes constantly which is why it is essential that residents remain vigilant, stick to social distancing guidelines, continue to wash their hands regularly, get tested, and self-isolate if displaying symptoms and continue to help control the spread of the virus. Collectively these things continue to make a big difference to the spread of the virus and will help keep people safe.”