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Statement on plans for development around Sheffield Station

Sheaf Square outside the Sheffield Railway station

Changes to Park Square roundabout, the tram route and ring-road near Sheffield Midland station have been ruled out as potential options for regeneration of the area.

The Sheaf Valley Masterplan is not fixed, it will evolve over time with engagement from the public and stakeholders.

Development in this area will be looked at alongside wider plans for the City Centre in the coming months.

Councillor Terry Fox, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said:

"Changes to Park Square roundabout and switching the tram route and dual carriageway are no longer being considered as potential options for development in the city centre. These changes were drafted as concepts that could be explored in the future and have never been viewed as concrete plans. A consultants’ report showed that this project was technically possible and gave an indication of what it might look like for us to consider. We have examined this and ruled it out as we do not feel it meets local needs, offers value for money or would meet our environmental ambitions. We remain fully committed to the regeneration of this area.

"There is so much positive work going on in the city centre – exciting projects such as Heart of the City, Connecting Sheffield and the Future High Streets Fund, and we need to look at our vision and ambitions for the city centre as a whole. We have a melting pot of ideas for what the future of the city centre could look like, including transport, regeneration and sustainability that will be set out in our City Centre Strategy later this year.

"We are excited about the future of our city and to create a plan for the city centre that matches the ambitions of our businesses and communities.

"It’s important that the people of Sheffield have their say in what they want their city centre to look like and none of these changes will be made without consultation with residents. More details on the City Centre Strategy will be provided in the coming months."