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Statement: The Leadmill

The Leadmill at night. Credit: Elouisa Georgiou
Credit: Elouisa Georgiou

Kate Martin, Executive Director at Sheffield City Council, said:

“The Leadmill is an iconic part of Sheffield that means so much to people both in the city and across the country. When people talk about music in Sheffield they talk about the Leadmill, it's part of our fabric and we absolutely do not want to see it go.

“We don't own the building and therefore have limited powers, but we’re looking at every opportunity. We have been working with the venue in recent weeks and will continue to do anything that we can to support them.

“The Council cannot directly intervene in the legal process taking place between the Leadmill’s landlord and tenant. But, there’s nothing to stop a group of people or organisations who feel strongly about the venue’s worth historically and culturally to the city exploring what processes are available to seek, to try and formally protect the venue’s use going forward.

“Music is in our bones in Sheffield and the Leadmill plays such an important role in that, for both performers and music lovers. It's where upcoming talent gets a chance to shine, where people remember their first gigs, and where so many iconic acts have walked that stage.

“The strength of feeling about this is clear to see. Sheffielders, the music industry, people from around the country, they are all coming together to campaign to save the Leadmill #WeCantLoseTheLeadmill.”

Credit for image: Elouisa Georgiou