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Steps taken to establish Rose Garden Café partnership

Rose Garden Cafe
Rose Garden Cafe

Applications are now open for members of the public to join the Rose Garden Café Partnership, with openings for partner members and a chair.

Following a Charity Sub-committee in October 2023, the decision was taken to work in partnership with stakeholders to restore and refurbish the café.

Since then, Friends of Graves Park, Save the Rose Garden Café Campaign and Sheffield City Council have been working together to understand how to establish the Partnership, which will be tasked with creating an action plan for the restoration of the building.

This includes creating a framework for the public consultation on the café, establishing funding sources to pay for the building restoration and refurbishment works, and to agree on a plan for public communication.

Cllr Ian Auckland, Chair of the Charity Sub-committee, said: “It’s great to see the progress to establish this new partnership that will oversee and push forward the proposed restoration of The Rose Garden Café.

“We know how important this asset is to the local community and it was recently added to the South Yorkshire heritage list, as a testament to this.

“I am confident that when in post, the new chair and partner members will not only ensure that the right decisions are made regarding the future of the café, but also ensure this work progresses as quickly as possible.”

For further information about the roles or to apply, please visit: Rose Garden Cafe Updates | Sheffield City Council

Applications will close on Tuesday 12 December.