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Highway maintenance works during Covid-19

Road works at night

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the council's highway maintenence service, Streets Ahead, is working to prioritise services across the city.  This may mean stopping some works to ensure we can prioritise emergency, critical and key activities.

This is a developing situation and one which both the council and its contractor, Amey, will be monitoring carefully and responding to as appropriate. The health of our workforce remains a top priority and we are taking all necessary steps to ensure staff are supported during this time.

Undoubtedly, we expect the current situation will have an impact on our ability to deliver services at the same capacity and so, our programme will be subject to change with a focus on delivering works that are critical, first and foremost.

We would ask that when reporting issues to us you consider the nature of the report and its importance given the circumstances. Public and staff safety issues will be addressed above all other jobs and our scheduled programme is currently being reviewed.

If you have recently received notice of works for your road, then please be aware that any dates proposed could now be subject to change. Similarly, if you are awaiting a response to an enquiry, this may take longer than originally anticipated.

May 2020 update

In recent weeks we have continued to focus on maintaining an essential service, prioritising emergency and safety critical jobs. These jobs have included repairing potholes, refreshing lining to prevent road traffic accidents, maintaining traffic signals and sight lines at road junctions, and emergency tree work to keep the highways safe and in good repair.

Whilst our programmed resurfacing work is currently on hold, we are liaising with all our subcontractors to prepare for the possibility of some works resuming in coming weeks.

A recent letter from the Dept for Transport (DfT) confirmed that highway maintenance should continue wherever it remains safe to do so. Therefore, we will continue to monitor our working practices and follow national guidelines during this time.

Update on grass cutting


Council grass-cutting services will continue, where possible, with works to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists being prioritised.


To help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and adhere to government guidelines on social distancing, grass cutting in parks and on the highway will only be undertaken where staff health and safety is not compromised. We are working closely with our operatives to ensure they have the equipment and support they need and wherever feasible, staff are carrying out tasks alone or at a safe distance from others.


Grass cutting on some areas of the highway is crucial to maintain sight lines at road junctions, ensure safe access routes and prevent the build-up of litter on verges.


Our current schedule of grass cutting, by ward, can be found here.


We will continue to monitor national guidance and undertake daily health and safety work to keep our parks, verges, roads and green spaces safe during this time.

We will update Twitter as we prioritise our services with the resources we have available.

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